The Praying Mantis





Q1. What is the name of the animal?

The name of the animal is the praying mantis.

Q2. What type of animal is the praying mantis? Is it a mammal, bird, reptile or an insect? How do you know?

It is an insect. It is an insect because it has six legs, three part body, two compound eyes and one pair of antennae.

Q3. What type of habitat do they live in?

They live in a rainforest, with lots of flowers and plants and trees.

Q4. What do they eat and what eats them?

The praying mantis eats turtles, birds, and frogs and toads and other insects. Birds eat the mantis.

Q5. Is the praying mantis a carnivore, herbivore, or an omnivore? How do you know?

It is a carnivore because it eats meat.

Q6. Does a praying mantis use camouflage? How?

The praying mantis does use camouflage. It blends into its surroundings by changing its color of skin very fast.