Shipping was given the idea from an organizer. Leaving every 6 hours, from fifty-five hours from Togo to New York. Five thousand people shipped to New York and, usually the plane of shipping brakes down. With about 700 packages in each plane, usually, landing to New York and sending the packages is hard. The plane crashes into the ground, and mostly, a lot of packages are found damaged with the things inside. Sadly, the people in Togo want to close down the package service, because only a few packages are being actually sent to New York. The staffs had no choice, with over 500 people arguing in front of the shipping building and holding signs, they had to close down. The New York people and Togo people were still angry about what happened. Soon several males decided to open a new package service. The people in both countries were delighted, and hoped nothing would go wrong. A female who had lost her job in baking in the Creation market, wanted to join the service. Soon, this made a better service. Better landers, and also not a single package got ruined and not a single part of the plane broke. Soon, not only 700 packages were sent to New York, 1,000 were sent! Every day, the packages were sent safely to New York. The shipping business went on for years. Shipping was saved and rescued by the female and males!