What type of creature is a snake?

A snake is a reptile. I know because reptiles are cold-blooded and snakes are reptiles. Reptiles are animals that have scales, breath air, and lay eggs.

Where do snakes live?


Name the world’s largest snake.

The worlds largest snake is the anaconda. It is 200 kilograms.

Name three types of snakes.

The anaconda, the cobra, and the sidewander.

Name two types of snake that are poisonous. How do they poison something?

Two snakes that are poisonous are cobra’s and rattlesnakes. They use their teeth to poison something.

Name three things snakes eat.

Snakes eat mice, spring ralls and weaverbird.

Name three things that eat snakes.

Secretary birds, eagles, and meerkats.

How do snakes move without legs?

Snakes push with their muscles.