Q1. What is the name of the animal?

A1. The name of the animal is a Moose.

Q2. What does the Moose eat?

A2. The Moose eats twigs, bark, and leaves.

Q3. What eats the Moose?

A3.  Bears and wolfs and coyotes eat the Moose.

Q4. Is the Moose an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore?

A4. The Moose is an herbivore because it eats grasses.

Q5. Is the Moose a mammal, a reptile, or a bird? How do you know?

A5. The Moose is a mammal because it has body hair, provides milk for its young, and is warm-blooded.

Q6. Where does the Moose live?

A6. The Moose live in Antarctica

Q7. How do Moose protect themselves?

A7. Moose protect themselves by hiding in grass.

Q8. What do you think is interesting about the Moose?

A8. I think that because the Moose has the largest antlers, it is interesting. It is interesting because no other animal has such large antlers.