Q1. What is the name of the animal?

A1. The name of the animal is a Koala.

Q2. Where does the Koala usually live?

A2. The Koala usually lives in Australia.

Q3. What habitat do Koala’s live in?

A3. Koala’s live in forest habitats.`

Q5. What food do Koala’s eat?

A5. Koala’s eat leaves, especially gum leaves.

Q6. What do you find interesting about Koala’s?

A6. I find it interesting that when Koala’s eat way too many gum leaves, it makes Koala’s drunk.

Q7. What eats the Koala’s?

A7. Eagles, Foxes, Pet Dogs, Wild Cats, Pythons/Snakes, and Humans eat Koala’s.

Q8. Is a Koala a Mammal, Reptile, or a Bird?

A8. A Koala is a Mammal.

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma koala pics