Q1. What is the name of the animal?

A1. The name of the animal is a giraffe.

Q2. Where does the giraffe live?

A2. The giraffe lives in East Africa.

Q3. What habitat does the giraffe live in?

A3. The habitat that the giraffe lives in is a savannah.

Q4. What does the giraffe eat and what eats it?

A4. The giraffe eats trees like Acacia. Lions eat the giraffes.

Q5. Is the giraffe a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore? How do you know?

A5. The giraffe is an herbivore. I know because it eats plants.

Q6. How do the giraffes camouflage? Describe.

A6. The giraffes bend, then they cover themselves with grass. Because the grass is the same color as the giraffe, no one sees them.

Q7. Is the giraffe mammal or a reptile? How do you know?

A7. The giraffe is a mammal. I know because it doesn’t lay eggs. It has body hair, and is warm-blooded, and it provides milk for its young.

Q8. What do you think is interesting about the giraffe?

A8. I think what is interesting about giraffes is that they are the fastest and tallest animals in the world. They can grow up to 18.7 feet tall.  They can run faster than a lion. They can run as fast as 40 miles per hour.