Q1. What is the name of the animal?

A1. The name of the animal is a Buffalo.

Q2. What does the Buffalo eat?

A2. The Buffaloes eat grass.

Q3. What eats the Buffaloes?

A3. Bears and wolfs and coyotes eat the Buffalos.

Q4. Is the Buffalo an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore?

A4. The Buffalo is a herbivore because it eats grass.

Q5. Is the Buffalo a mammal, a reptile, or a bird? How do you know?

A5. The Buffalo is a mammal because it has body hair, provides milk for its young, and is warm-blooded.

Q6. Where does the Buffalo live?

A6. The Buffalos lives in the core of a place called Yellowstone and it also lives in Africa.

Q7. How do Buffalos protect themselves?

A7. Buffalos protect themselves by kicking and knocking into their predators and they also run away.

Q8. What do you think is interesting about the Buffalo? Why?

A8. I think that because the buffalo has its sharp horns, it is interesting. It is interesting because they use their horns to defend themselves.