Sankofa Journey Part Two

Welcome back!


Cape Coast

This week was full. We got back onto the bus with our suitcases and bags, after we had had toast, pineapples, and mangoes. We had to go to Oguaa, known well as Cape Coast. As they will do, people slept on the way. Finally, we got to a place called One Africa, where we would sleepover for two days, before going to Kumase. I met up with my old friend, Nana. It was by the beach, so he taught me about the boats. If the boat light suddenly flashes and goes off, it means the boat is being attacked. If the boat light was going on and off, it meant they didn’t have lights. I then met his sister, Dede. She was a sweet girl. When I was three, and me and him played together, she was only a day old and was in the house, so I never met her. We were three and two, running through grass and climbing trees.

We had a small hut. It rained a lot there, but that was because at the time, we/they came during the time it was rainy season. (I live here. I only came on the Sankofa Journey, didn’t travel through a plane.)

It was beautiful, with a nice view. We got situated getting our rooms. We ate lunch, then after we went down to the beach. I skipped stoned. I saw a sea animals hump, but I was so suprised I saw one, I didn’t say anything.

That was a very nice day at Cape Coast/Oguaa. But what about the dungeons?

To be continued.