Sankofa Journey Part Three

Welcome back to the stories!


The Cape Coast Dungeons

We wore our white clothes, and went to the dungeons. We took the bus there before the ceremony. You would think “ceremony” would mean dancing, acrobats, singing, and other stuff. But it wasn’t.

We went back to One Africa to eat lunch. It turned out we had left someone behind at the dungeons. Luckily he knew how to get back. 

The next time we had to take taxi’s/cabs to the dungeons. We arrived four by four or five by five, chanting, laughing, and talking.

It was amazing. There were cannon balls, jails, and more. It was though sad that so many people had to go through such things. I won’t talk about it, to make anyone sad.

When we left, we could get into the bus. We didn’t have to take uncomfortable taxi/cab rides back. We got back to One Africa, ate dinner, talked a little, and went to bed. The next day, we would go to Kumase.

To be continued.