Pretty the Zebra Part Two

Pretty was so sad. As thirsty as she was, she walked away from the river. When she came to the grassland, and as hungry as she was, she walked through it without taking a nibble. She went back to her cave and looked at old pictures of her gracefully leading the group.

She laid down on her bed. Her stomach was grumbling and her mouth didn’t have any toss inside. So she decided her punishment was over, and she weakly walked to the river. There, the lion and his friends had set a trap. They circled the river. As she was drinking, she lifted up her head, sensing danger. She drank a little water, but kept it in her mouth. When one of the lions jumped out of his hiding spot, she was ready. She spat water into his face, then ran in the direction of the grassland.

The leader was angry at him. “What is the matter with you? Her spit doesn’t have a chemical inside! It’s just water! Leave my group or go after her!”

None of his choices sounded good to the member. So he sadly went after her, walking in the direction of the grassland, meanwhile, him and the other lions drank water and rested by the river.

Though he was very weak, he was very smart. He created a poison that would keep her asleep for a while. He used a shortcut to get to the grassland before her, and rubbed it on each of the grasses. He hid as he watched her eat the first grass.

To be continued.