Mae Jemison

Q1. What is the name of this important African Person?

A1. The name of the important African person is Mae Jemison.

Q2. Where and when was Mae Jemison born?

A2. She was born in Decatur, Alabama, Chicago, 1956, October 17.

Q3. When did Mae Jemison become interested in science?

A3. Mae Jemison was interested in science at a young age. At the age of 5, she was already trying to figure out science experiments on her own.

Q4. Why did Mae Jemison want to become a scientist?

A4. She wanted to be a scientist because, she had a love for science. 

Q5. What year was Mae Jemison chosen to work at NASA?

A5. She was chosen in 1987.

Q6. What is NASA?

A6. NASA is a space company which allows people to go up in space.

Q7. What makes this African person important?

A7. Mae Jemison is important because she was the first African woman in space inthe united states to go into.

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