Fairy Ama and Princess Ama (Edition 2)

Written by Ama Kambon

Once upon a time, there were two friends. One day, Fairy Ama went to the market. It was crowded. Many people were taking pictures of her. They had never seen anyone with wings.

She went to the fruit stand and bought mangoes, pawpaw’s, banana’s, watermelon, berries, pineapple, and more. She got home with all the yum. The Princess cut it up and they both began to eat the fruit.

After, it rained.

Every year, Fairy Ama and the Princess spend the nature of the rain. Later, in the dry season, people stay in. Shops aren’t expecting anyone to come out, so they close, except for hospitals, emergency helicopters, and firefighter stations.

Winter time. Everyone’s children strike for winter. They do a snow parade. They all held up signs saying “We love winter!”

At noon, the children stop playing and head home for lunch. Meanwhile, it snows. It snows from Monday to Saturday. The princess and Fairy Ama plead for the snow to go. They don’t really like snow. Besides, they already have 60 inches of snow, enough to not melt.

The snow started to fall again on Sunday, although they already had 60 inches. It snowed for two weeks. By then it was 300 inches, enough to build a snow castle to live in for the winter. Meanwhile, the Fairy and Princess got super tired of hearing the snow news.

5 weeks later, the 7th and almost eighth snow week, it stopped, and the two friends were very happy. It was spring now. Zoo keepers let the animals out. Flowers burst, revealing their lovely petals, and animals ate their first outside meal since last year. Spring completely came.

To be continued.